About LVFS

LenderVend, LLC. was created by the founders of Provident Funding to provide residential mortgage lenders access to the same origination controls Provident Funding has used to achieve the industry's lowest defect and delinquency rates. Each loan you originate leveraging LVFS is certified as having met Provident Funding's program guidelines and loan quality standards.

What services are included in LVFS?

  • Credit underwriting services
  • Automated borrower initial/revised loan disclosure services
  • Closing documents generation services
  • Electronic document storage services
  • Pre- and post-closing quality control services
  • Regulatory compliance services
  • Direct integration with Provident Funding's Correspondent Lending Program

How does LVFS work?

You take the initial 1003 and upload the loan to the LVFS system. Upon completion of initial registration, LenderVend will generate and deliver the initial disclosures. We will handle underwriting the file, sending any revised disclosures to the borrower as needed, drawing loan documents (disclosures and loan documents are generated in your name) as well as completing a pre-funding review. You continue to work with the borrower throughout the process to negotiate terms, gather conditions, schedule the loan closing, and order the wire through your warehouse bank.

Apply for LVFS

In order to utilize LVFS, you must be an approved seller with Provident Funding's Correspondent Lending Program. Please click here to apply. Your LVFS registration will be provided once you become an approved seller with Provident Funding's Correspondent Lending Program.

Contact Us

For more information about LVFS and Provident Funding's Correspondent Lending Program, please email your contact information to lenderapproval@provident.com